Vegan Golden Pumpkin Mens Hand Cream - Father's Day gift, birthday gift for men

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*************** Vegan Golden Pumpkin Mens Hand Cream ************* Perfect Gift for Fathers Day, Birthday, Christmas or treat for any mens hands. It's the same as our Vegan Golden Pumpkin Hand Cream which became very popular with men as it's a truly magical soothing & healing cream, easy to absorb, no scent, for all skin types, suitable for hardworking hands. It was just one thing the guys were shy about - my logo- the girl on the bike ! So I changed for you guys the label ! Unscented , so very gentle even for the most sensitive skin. And of course, it's suitable for men & women To find out about Pumpkin OIl - ********************* ************* INGREDIENTS ********************* Organic Pumpkin oil, Organic Apricot Kernel oil, Macadamia oil, Fair Trade Shea Butter, Vit E, Organic Sea Buckthorn, Soya beans, Asparagus , Aqua, Glycerine. ********************* ************* ********************* **************** For more concentrated hand cream with different natural scents - Nutters Hand Cream ( made with 5 nuts oils) please check If a reaction occurs stop use immediately. Squeeze and use anytime! Vol: 30ml.