Our Story

Ville de Fleurs is inspired by Nature and beautiful scent.

It was established to offer natural, organic and fair trade skin care for men and women, scented candles. Then wonderful Marseille soaps from Provence been added. Then handmade baskets from Morocco. And list is going on.

Skin care is hand made in a picturesque village called Charing in Kent, and as much as possible is sourced from local growers, manufacturers and craftspeople. I was thrilled to win at The Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards 2013, which I feel is testament to the time and genuine care I invest in my products.

It all began in a little village in Ukraine…

My obsession with flowers is due to my beloved grandmother who tended many beautiful flowers and herbs in her garden in a tiny Ukranian village. As a child, she taught me remedies for illnesses and skin problems and, as I grew, so did my interest in natural skincare. I have always been a great believer in the power of scent to transform mood and productivity, and so followed a natural progression into learning about the creation of fragranced products such as essential oils and candles.

All of my products begin with a personal memory, often a scent. Thus the majority of my skincare range includes at least one of the Ukrainian ingredients sea buckthorn, rosehip or pumpkin seed oil, all of which are loaded with exceptional nutritional qualities, anti-oxidants and anti-aging properties. Ville de Fleurs candles are a personal memory library of scents, taken from my travels around the world, whether that be fig and cassis from a balmy Mediterranean break or quintessential lavender from the fields of England.

My background in fashion means that I have a keen eye for aesthetics and I love to dress up my products in the same way that I used to dress up my clients, with a little bit of poetry, a little bit of artistry.

I am in my 50s, and yes, I know for some of you, that is very vintage. But believe me at any age you want to look great !

So I want to share all my secrets of how to look & feel good at any age – NATURALLY ! For Her! For Him!

And thus Ville De Fleurs was born.