Soap for Chef with essential oils of Lemon, Lemongrass and bitter almond on a rope in a gift box

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This soaps are great as a Valentine's Day gift, Fathers Day gif, Christmas stocking, birthday gift, treat to yourself.

Cook’s Soap Anti Odour 270g

Delivered with cord.

Cooking a fish or slicing onions will no longer be a chore thanks to the use of this soap!

Composed of essential oils of Lemon, Lemongrass and bitter almond. Exfoliated with coffee grounds.

The bitter almond associated with wild strawberry neutralize odors.

The lemon / orange accord, both acidic and intense, fresh and purifying, strengthens the previous action and takes the "top" on possible smelly residues.

The Tonka bean and cocoa evoke a gourmet and reassuring cuisine and let their milk and sweet scents float on your hands.

The combination of this soap and soap holder "schoolboy" will give an original decorative note to your kitchen!

This Soaps are economical: about 800 hand washes for a soap of 270 grams.

Hygienic and practical, they can be installed on our wall-mounted soap dishes or on a rope hung in your shed, garage, laundry ...

Skin types: All

Made by small manufacture in Provence!

Enjoy the scent of Provence !

On my opinion - one of the best soaps on the market and I tried so many! The scent is incredible. And unlike many others - it last very long time!

Made in France, in the heart of Provence and guaranteed by the world famous label « Savon de Marseille » established by UPSM (Marseille soap producers union), association created in 2011 to defend, promote and publicize the authentic Marseille soap.