Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil - face serum, face oil, 100ml

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************************ Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil ******************************

Great for face serum, face oil,

For all natural skin care lovers !

You all read ingredients but now you can try each one of them to see if it's suitable for you !

Pumpkin Seed Oil, Cold pressed, Deodorised (Organic)

High in vitamins, minerals and omega 3, 6 and 9 - high zinc content so add it to facial, abdominal, upper leg & breast lifting/firming preparations.

************************USE ******************************
Skin Care - Because of its high zinc content it is an excellent lifting oil for dry, mature and damaged skin. It is an excellent vegetable oil where a lifting effect is required.

I use it in Golden Pumpkin Under Eye treatment

Vegan Golden Pumpkin Hand Cream

Vegan Golden Pumpkin Anti-wrinkle Skin Treatment