Premium Lavender Essential Oil

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Superior  Lavender Essential Oil from Kent  – with luxurious and delicate fragrance and deeply relaxing properties is one of the most superb & therapeutic oil from all Lavender family.

It is made in one of the most picturesque farm in Kent, England. And extracted solely from Maillette Lavender plants – and taken in the first 20 minutes of distillation only – making it the finest and most delicate of lavender fragrances. All the characteristics of a ‘high altitude Lavender Oil’.


- Relaxing & calming

- Sedative

- Anti-inflammatory

- Super delicate scent


- diffusers & air burners

- sprays

- skin care

- sleeping pillows & eye masks

Interesting facts:

Lavender is so ancient but still so magical.

It was prescribed by Dioscorides, the Greek surgeon whose De Materia Medica became the pharmaceutical bible for 1,500 years. Dioscorides knew it protects you from plague and that it helps wounds heal (lavender is antibacterial and antiseptic).

The Romans put bunches between their sheets to guard against bedbugs and washed their clothes with it to repel moths and lice (whence its name, from lavare, to wash).

Elizabeth I carried posies of lavender and had it scattered before her, to fend off stenches and the plague.

Queen Victoria preferred lavender jelly to mint with her roast mutton and, from about 1800 to the 1930s, no genteel lady went abroad without a flask of English lavender in her reticule.