Bio Active Massage Oil No2 / Relaxation

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Experience Spa like tranquility with Bio Active Massage Oil No2 to unwind and escape the humdrum of life to Lavender fields and Cobnut Orchards of English Summer Countryside.

This botanical massage oil with plant derived hydrating oils with exquisite English Lavender with woody undertones of Sandalwood and sweet scent of Frankincense was created for intensive hydration and to relax your mind.

Can be used as a body oil or a bath treat.

Totally Vegetarian & Vegan.

************************ USE ******************************
Apply a small amount to clean warm hands and gently massage in sweeping movements into the skin towards the heart.

*********************** INGREDIENTS. ******************************
Sweet Almond oil, Cobnut oil, Jojoba oil, English Lavender, Sandalwood, Frankincense, Vitamin E