Beauty Sleep Lavender & Hops Pillow Spray

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Beauty Sleep Lavender & Hops Pillow Spray. All Natural.

This Fragrant Pillow mist is handmade. English Lavender from Kent was steam distilled to create this soothing Pillow Spray, blended with hops, chamomile & mellow essential oils.

Shake & Spray it may encourage a good night sleep. Close your eyes, inhale the aroma & start dreaming of Summer walking in a stunning blue Lavender fields in a beautiful English countryside.

Very soothing and calming.

******** USE ********************

** Spray pillow, sheets, blankets, towels, clothing

* As a room spray

Great as a Gift.

********************* Customers reviews ******************************
" Just a quick e-mail to let you know that your lavender sleep spray has been very helpful. I'm still using it and I'm sleeping fairly well. Many thanks once again." Ian

" Many thanks , great product really does work! " Ana

Great as a Father"s Day Gift, Mother's Day gift , Valentine's Day gift, Christmas gift, Birthday Gift or just a treat !