Ethical. Sustainable. Rustic. Handmade. Warm woolen rugs and cushions, French market baskets, vegan natural skincare. Christmas gifts and candles.
Ethical. Sustainable. Rustic. Handmade. Warm woolen rugs and cushions, French market baskets, vegan natural skincare. Christmas gifts and candles.
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Hand Made thick wool vegan rugs

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‘There’s no place like home’ has never felt so meaningful . After a very turbulent year, themes of escapism are transforming our once private spaces, into zoom worthy emporiums of statement making furnishings and maximalist, eclectic styling.

Personally I think nothing else would make your home so cosy and warm like hand woven rug. It will take you away from a rollercoaster we have all been on this year and the value and importance of comfy and snug, restful home has risen above everything.

When my family from Ukraine were planning to visit me in UK, they asked what they could bring me from there. And I answered “something Ukrainian” So they sent me a link to a handmade in Ukraine website.

And I found just 1 (!) Ukrainian village in the entire country that makes amazing traditional hand woven rugs from raw sheep wool on wooden looms. The craftsmanship is outstanding. Several generations of the entire family get involved in the whole process - from a much-needed sheep”s “haircut" in the Spring ( no sheep are harmed) , to removing debris, dirt and oil/ washing several times over 3 days in the mountain streams and carding the fleece, roving and spinning it into yarn which is then handwoven on a special wooden loom (usually passed from generation to generation) into the rug and felted in the river for extra strength. It is very physical, laborious hard work, and it takes many days to produce 1 item.

All knowledge is transmitted from mother to daughter and from father to son. Weaving is considered a family craft and almost the entire family is involved in this process. Children help weave yarn, women weave carpets and blankets and men help with drying and delivery. Weavers believe that these rugs are their unique invention and no one else in the world makes anything similar.

I live in a very old cottage in England, and the winter is quite cold, so I ordered some rugs for my home; when I received them, they were beyond expectations. The thickness and the warmth was just what the old cottage needed! I absolutely LOVE them!

So I decided to share with the world this incredible Ukrainian heritage as these rugs always will add an air of warmth and cozyness to any living space. I collaborated and co-designed with these Ukrainian makers to produce a unique range. They are perfect to complement any home interior and can be used in the living room, bedroom or dining room. These heirloom rugs are made for those who truly appreciate the natural world.

It will be custom-made to your specifications. We take orders on custom sizes / colours / design. Please enquire, we are very happy to help. Please bear in mind as it's a handmade item, all custom orders will take approx 6-8 weeks to receive from the time of order. However, sometimes we will have ready made one, so please check the menu.

When you order our Vegan friendly wool cushion or rug - money goes straight to the local communities and will keep this rug weaving tradition alive, contributing directly to the local economy and sustainability.

Comforting cosiness of this sustainable rugs and cushions bring natural elements to your home - raw wool bringing a touch of rustic nature to your living space. To add a fabulous shot of texture it can be used as a bedspread or wall hanging,  And will look  elegant on your floor or couch or favourite chair.


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