Aleppo soap rope "Tradition" 200gr For Sensitive Skin

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Aleppo soap rope "Tradition" 200gr

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Aleppo soap rope "Tradition" 200gr

This Aleppo soap is the sweetest soap in Aleppo.

It is intended for all skin types and is recommended for sensitive skin. This Aleppo soap cleans without attacking. Its oil content helps hydrate the skin, nourishes it and protect it.

The production time of Aleppo soap is nine months. The guarantee of authenticity and quality of Aleppo soap: first, the soap is made from 4 ingredients: olive oil, bay laurel oil, water and natural soda. Nothing else !

It is 100% vegetable and contains no dyes, preservatives or fragrances.

Skin types: Sensitive/ Normal / Dry, Very dry, All skin types

Use: Face Care, Hand Care, Body Care

Ingredients: Sodium olivate, sodium laurate, aqua, sodium hydroxide


Rub wet soap over wet body, then rinse with clear water. In shampoo, wet the hair soothe the soap on the hair and massage by spreading on the foam leather-hair do not hesitate to scrape the hair-hair during application to penetrate the soap. Renew the operation if necessary. Rinse and dry the hair. Do not dab or brush wet hair to avoid breaking it.